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Do you know the history of electric fans?

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Electric fans, also known as fans and fans, are household appliances that use motors to drive fan blades to rotate to speed up the flow of air. They are mainly used for cooling, relieving heat and ventilating air. It is widely used in homes, classrooms, offices, shops, hospitals and hotels.

The fan is mainly composed of fan head, blade, mesh cover and control device. The fan head includes motor, front and rear end covers and shaking head air supply mechanism. The main components of electric fan are: AC motor. Its working principle is that the electrified coil rotates under the force of the magnetic field. Electric energy is converted into mechanical energy, and at the same time, because of coil resistance, it is inevitable that part of the electric energy will be converted into thermal energy.

Common household electric fans are essentially axial-flow fans, that is, the direction of the wind is parallel to the rotating axis of the fan blade.

Mechanical fans originated in 1830. An American named James Byron was inspired by the structure of clocks and watches and invented a mechanical fan that could be fixed to the ceiling and driven by a hairspring. The slow cool wind brought by the fan's rotating blades makes people feel cool, but it's troublesome to climb up the ladder to wind it up.

In 1872, a Frenchman named Joseph developed a mechanical fan, which was started by a winding turbine and driven by a gear chain device. This fan is more delicate and convenient than the mechanical fan invented by Byron.

In 1880, American Shule installed the blade directly on the motor for the first time, and then connected to the power supply. The blade rotated at a high speed, and gusts of cool wind came on the face. This is the first electric fan in the world.

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