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The Use of Electric Fans for Effective Power Saving

Date of release:2019-01-04 Author: Click:

First of all, when choosing and purchasing products of high quality. Because the technical threshold of fan industry is low and the products on the market are uneven, we must choose well-known brand products, so as to ensure the quality.

Secondly, because the electric fan can directly convert electric energy into kinetic energy, the power consumption is very low, the maximum power is only 60W, which is equivalent to the power consumption of ordinary lighting desk lamp, so from the perspective of energy saving, the use of electric fan in midsummer is undoubtedly the best choice. When electric fans are used together with air conditioning, the air conditioning temperature is set at 26 ~28 C, which saves electricity and money.

Thirdly, as far as the use of the fan itself is concerned, the fan with large fan blades usually has large power and consumes more power. The power consumption of the fan is proportional to the speed of the fan blades. For example, the power consumption of 400 mm fans is 60W when using strong wind and 40W when using slow gear. The difference between the fastest gear and the slowest gear of the same fan is 40%. Therefore, the power consumption of fans can be reduced by opening strong wind first, cooling down and then using more breeze. When the air volume meets the requirements, try to use breeze or stroke.

Fourth, in use, the fan is best placed next to the door and window to facilitate air circulation, improve cooling effect, shorten the use time and reduce power consumption.

Finally, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the fan at ordinary times to maintain its good performance and avoid the occurrence of deformations and vibration of the blades, which, to a certain extent, is also conducive to energy saving.

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