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What new fans are there in the new era

Date of release:2019-01-04 Author: Click:

Time-controlled electric fan

Just set the working time of the fan, it will turn on and off on time according to your settings.

Voice controlled electric fan

General Electric Corporation developed this kind of acoustic electric fan with micro-electronic receivers. It only needs to clap hands two times in less than 3 meters, and the fan will automatically run. If clapping hands three times in a row, the fan will automatically stop running.

Air-conditioned fan

A new type of electric fan which combines fan and refrigerator has been introduced in European market. The fan has a refrigeration core. There is mixed liquid in the central cylinder of the core. When the core is placed in the refrigerator for 3 hours, the cold air can be blown out to give people the feeling of cold air blowing.

Noise-free electric fan

Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan developed this kind of noise-free electric fan, equipped with specially designed bird-wing blades, which can produce a whirling air flow, and uses DC motor without protective cover. It is very suitable for use in places with microcomputers, word processors and photocopiers.

Lamp-head electric fan

The electric fan invented in the United States, which can be installed on the bulb lamp head, is small and exquisite. It can be used as long as there is a lamp head installed with the bulb. It is not only easy to install, but also can save energy.

Four Seasons Electric Fan

The electric fan produced in Germany is equipped with far infrared heater and negative ion generator. It can supply cool air in summer, hot air in winter and negative ion air in all seasons of the year. It has the functions of cooling and heating, purifying air and preventing diseases and health care.

Matchbox Fan

This miniature fan, developed in France, has the size of a matchbox, a thickness of 14 mm, a length of 62 mm and a weight of only 45 grams. It uses 12 to 24 volts of direct current and two watt power. Its continuous service life can reach 10,000 hours.

Fuzzy Microcontrol Electric Fan

Toshiba's advanced electric fan is equipped with strong, ordinary and weak 7-Stage air flow. It can automatically select the best air supply according to the temperature and humidity measured by the sensor. If someone touches the net cover, it will automatically stop turning.

Injury-proof finger electric fan

Robertson Industries Inc. has introduced two new types of fans. As soon as a person's finger touches the cover of the fan, it will send an electric pulse signal to its control system to stop the fan from turning so as to avoid finger injury.

Small electric fan

It is suitable for summer outings or when there are no cooling tools around, this kind of fan has a lot of useful batteries, charging, USB interface, in summer is also a good tool.

Metal fan

Metal fans, also known as metal fans, metal electric fans, means that the manufacturing materials of electric fans are metals, such as iron and copper. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, metal fans have become high-grade home decorations with their unique artistic charm and metal texture, and are welcomed and loved by consumers. This trend has been brought to China by the healthy and livable, and is affecting more and more families.

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