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Talk about used fans

Date of release:2019-01-04 Author: Click:

Office: USB fan/desk clamp fan

The area of the desk is not large, the most common is the small USB fan, but the previous use of a few of the wind is too small, blowing a little uncomfortable, so I bought a slightly larger, diameter is about 22 cm, there are two gears, sitting 60 cm away from the fan just one gear, 2 windshield is a little large, basically unused.

This fan can be placed on the desktop or fixed on the edge of the desk with a clip, which basically does not occupy desktop space.

Daily use: floor fan/stand fan/transfer fan

Ground fan is very common, remember 20 years ago, home use is this, the current hot selling price of e-commerce platform is basically 1-200 yuan, a few years ago used Emmett's one, 3 windshield, even the minimum windshield is not small, so it is not suitable for sleeping at night, later used desktop fan is much better.

Compared with the floor fan, the stand fan is slightly smaller and can be placed on the table just right after contraction, because the family size is relatively small, the stand fan can reduce the occupancy of space to a certain extent, and the weight is relatively lighter, so it is easy to move from one room to another. Although it's also a 3-windshield design, the minimum windshield is much softer.

Previously, we also used switching fans, which have the advantages of light weight and gentle wind, but because we can't shake our heads, the coverage of the wind blown by the switching fans is not as large as that of the switching fans, and the switching fans often make noise, which is not used afterwards.

It is suggested that when buying floor fans, choose the gear which is more comfortable, such as 9 windshield, or provide silent/sleeping block. The lowest gear is more comfortable when sleeping at night. In addition, it should be noted that common electric fans only provide 2-hour timing operation. If you want to make it shut down regularly for 4 hours, you'd better choose the support for a long time. Time is fixed (for example, 8 hours).

For Children: DC Frequency Converter Fan

When searching for electric fans, if the keyword "DC frequency conversion" is added, the price will suddenly be much higher, and the cheapest price will be 299 yuan. The words often appear on the product pages of various types of DC frequency conversion fans are "X days only use 1 degree of electricity", "infinite speed regulation", "natural wind", etc., which is the reason why it is expensive.

Because of the use of DC variable-frequency motor, the energy consumption of the fan is greatly reduced, the rated power is about 35W, which is basically half of the ordinary fan; in addition, the number of gears of the DC variable-frequency fan has increased a lot, such as the Zhimi DC variable-frequency landing fan currently in use, which supports 100-gear infinite speed regulation; of course, the most important thing is self-regulation. However, the wind, children can not withstand the ordinary fan stronger wind, DC frequency conversion fan out of the wind is more gentle, you can rest assured to blow to children, and the noise is still very low.

In addition, the more expensive DC frequency fans have significantly improved their appearance and workmanship.

Air conditioning room: air circulation fan

Because the living room has a large area, in order to let the room cool quickly after opening the air conditioner, it is often necessary to turn on the electric fan to promote the air circulation. Later, it was found that the air circulation fan exists. It feels that this thing and the air conditioner are "a natural pair".

Air circulation fans look similar to small electric fans, but they work differently. There is a turbo-type device inside the air circulation fan, because the blown air is relatively concentrated, which can send the airflow to a farther place, so that the indoor air can form a convective circulation, which can help improve the cooling efficiency of air conditioning. The ordinary electric fan can not do this.

In addition, the air circulation fan also has a certain dehumidification and drying effect, such as in the bathroom where the ventilation condition is not good, to solve the problem of humidity, or in winter when using air conditioning heating, the air circulation fan can improve the heating efficiency and make the overall temperature more balanced, so this guy can be used almost all year round, unlike the electric fan. It's going to be put away in summer.

Finally, the air-conditioning fan, feeling that this thing is quite impractical, want to use it in summer to bring as cool as air-conditioning is completely impossible.

Some fans and air conditioners are almost the same price, even more expensive than air conditioners, such as Bamuda Green Fan, Panasonic spherical fans, Dayson leafless fans, before you buy it, you should touch your pocket first.

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