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Electric fan or air conditioning for baby? You wont get entangled after reading it.

Date of release:2019-01-11 Author: Click:

Do these things baby is cool and not sick!

Let's start by saying what your primary concern is "when to have an electric fan and when to use air conditioning".

If the temperature is not high, just feel a little hot, slightly sweating. At this time, we can choose the electric fan to cool down.

If the indoor temperature exceeds 32 C, then there will be no cooling effect with fans. Choose air conditioning decisively.

Mainly because the central development and circulatory system of temperature regulation in infants and young children are not yet perfect, so they sweat more than adults.

Electric fan's power is more concentrated, when the baby sweats more, the fan can not take into account some parts, easy to appear sweat excretion imbalance.

In this case, the baby is extremely vulnerable to illness or rash. In previous issues, we also mentioned that sweat is the main reason for the baby's prickly heat.

Of course, this is not absolute, because of individual differences to choose Kazakhstan, do not feel hot at the bottom, but also insist that this does not turn on air conditioning Kazakhstan.

But we should pay attention to the sleep mode of air-conditioning, the temperature is 26 - 27 C. Ha, whether air-conditioning or electric fans can not be directly blown against the baby.

When talking about the use of air conditioning, it reminds us of the "baby with air conditioning caused facial paralysis" happened every year.

There is still controversy over the claim that air conditioning can lead to "facial paralysis". According to the literature, the primary causes of facial paralysis are virus infection, ear infection, respiratory tract infection and other diseases.

Therefore, we should use air conditioning correctly.

First of all, air conditioning can not be blown directly. Direct blowing of air-conditioning cold air can cause facial nerve vasospasm due to wind-cold, leading to facial nerve ischemia, edema and facial paralysis symptoms.

There is also the most important, before the use of air conditioning, must, must first clean. Don't take chances and think it's okay if you didn't wash and use it before.

Whether it's an electric fan or an air conditioner, it's exquisite.

Use air conditioning

Temperature: Maintaining the air conditioning temperature at about 26 degrees Celsius can not only ensure good sleep, but also avoid heat rash.

Wind Direction: The cold air outlet of the air conditioner should not blow directly to the baby, but should be far away from the air outlet after sweating! It is better to swing the fan blades back and forth to avoid direct blowing.

Time: When the baby enters the air-conditioning room, turn on the air-conditioning again; when the air-conditioning is turned off, take the baby out again when the room temperature and outdoor temperature are similar. Mainly to prevent the temperature difference is too large, resulting in illness of the baby.

Cleaning: Dismantle and wash air-conditioning filter every half month to prevent excessive dust from causing skin discomfort.

Humidity: Ensure that indoor humidity is between 50% and 60%. Note that the humidifier should also be cleaned regularly.

Use electric fans

Location: In addition to not blowing directly to the baby, but also pay attention to the fans not too close to the baby, first, safety issues; second, there is a recoil distance.

Direction: Do not blow in a fixed direction. Use the left-right swing mode for the baby's fan.

Wind speed: The wind speed should not be too high, try to use soft wind or sleep mode.

Do not blow the fan: when the baby is breast-feeding, sleeping, changing clothes, or after outdoor exercise can not directly let the baby blow the fan.

Don't blow the fan after sweating: If the baby sweats, don't blow the fan immediately. Instead, dry the sweat before blowing, so as to prevent the baby from catching cold.

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