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Can blower fans cause allergies in summer? Blow up an allergen or cause discomfort

Date of release:2019-01-04 Author: Click:

"Silver candle autumn light cold painting screen, light Luo small fan fluttering fluorescent. The sky is cold as water at night. Sit and watch Altair Vega. Unconsciously, it is autumn, but the weather seems still hot, there is no "light Luo small fan fluttering fluorescent" coolness, the ancients used fan fan fan fan to heat, today we will talk about the electric fan in modern science and technology. According to the Global Network, according to the July 29 report of the "Overseas Chinese Newspaper New York Network", many people usually turn on air-conditioning and electric fans for cooling and sleeping on hot summer nights, but some doctors point out that although electric fans do not directly harm the human body, too close will aggravate the symptoms of allergic patients. So, do blower fans really cause allergies?

According to the Yangtze Evening News, the Daily Mail quoted sleep expert Mark Reddick on July 25 as saying: "For some people, ceiling fans or floor fans in their rooms help them sleep and keep cool; for others, they may be unable to sleep, causing asthma attacks or dry eyes. ” Reddick said that the fan will blow dust and pollen, susceptible to allergies, asthma, sleep with the fan may cause a lot of discomfort. In addition, fan long-term operation will make indoor air dry, easy to cause dry skin, eyes, mouth, throat and nasal cavity, but affect sleep. Global Network added that Hollowitz, a respiratory physician at New York Hospital, suggested that the correct use of electric fans could avoid the above problems. He suggested that electric fans should not be blown directly to people. They should be placed at a safe distance and used with air filters to reduce allergens.

In addition, what misuses do people encounter when they use electric fans in summer? Hualong pointed out that:

1. Blow directional wind. Most fans shake their heads. When blowing, the fans move constantly in position and direction. It does not make people feel too cold and the whole body temperature is uniform.

2. Sleep and blow, that is, use electric fan to cool down with sleep. When a person is asleep, the function of the organs of the body is lowest, and the immunity is reduced, which is easy to cause diseases.

3. Blow for a long time. When the fan is blown for a long time, the temperature of human body will decrease with the evaporation of sweat. It is easy to cause cold, cold and other diseases. Generally, half an hour to one hour is suitable for electric blower fan.

4. High-speed blowing. Electric fan blows too much wind, skin surface temperature drops, pore occlusion, sweat inside the body can not emit, but also feel hot, at the same time, fatigue, back pain, which is "sweating".

5. Close to the wind. The best distance between electric fan and human is 2 meters, so that the wind is even and soft.

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