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Working Principle of Electric Fan

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The main components of electric fan are: AC motor. Its working principle is that the electrified coil rotates under the force of the magnetic field. Electric energy is converted into mechanical energy, and at the same time, because of coil resistance, it is inevitable that part of the electric energy will be converted into thermal energy. In addition, DC motor, brushless DC motor and other low-power motor in small fans are also more and more widely used.

When the electric fan works (assuming there is no heat transfer between the room and the outside), the indoor temperature does not decrease, but increases. To analyze the reasons for the temperature rise: when the fan works, because there is electric current through the fan coil, the conductor is resistive, so it will inevitably generate heat to exothermic, the temperature will naturally rise. But why do people feel cool? Because there is a lot of sweat on the body surface, when the electric fan works, indoor air will flow, so it can promote the rapid evaporation of sweat, combined with "evaporation needs to absorb a lot of heat", so people will feel cool.

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