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How to Maintain and Maintain Electric Warm Treasure in Peacetime

Date of release:2019-01-11 Author: Click:

Maintenance and Maintenance of Electric Warm Treasure in Usual Use

1. Do not touch with sharp objects or open fire.

2. Do not press the bag with heavy objects.

3. Surface dirt can be scrubbed with a soft cloth of detergent. Do not use strong solution, such as gasoline solution, to avoid damaging the product.

4. Keep the socket dry before charging. It is strictly forbidden to inject seawater, brackish water and excessive tap water into bagged electric heating treasures.

5. When charging, first insert the plug into the socket of the water storage electric heating treasure, and then connect the power supply. Do not hold the electric heating treasure in your arms while charging to keep warm in case of electric shock.

6. When charging bagged electric heating treasure, if it is found that the bag body obviously rises, indicating that there is residual air in the bag, the power supply should be cut off first, then the plug of the bag body should be pulled out, the exhaust bag at the water injection port should be removed, and the air in the bag should be discharged until there is water overflow at the water injection port.

7. Bagged electric heating treasure strictly forbids needling and heavy pressure, otherwise it will cause leakage of liquid and electricity.

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