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Cautions in the Use of Electric Warming Bao

Date of release:2019-01-11 Author: Click:

Cautions in the Use of Electric Warm Bao

1. When electrifying and storing heat, do not place hot water bags on fibre fabrics and non-heat-resistant articles, so as to avoid damaging items during charging and heating.

2. The power supply device must be used together. Do not charge the water bag with other power supply wires.

3. After charging and heating, the power supply shall be cut off in time; if people need to leave for a long time in the charging process, the power supply shall be cut off.

5. In order to ensure safe use and avoid scalds and accidents, do not close the hot water bag when warming hands and quilts.

6. It is strictly forbidden to use this product under the condition of electrification.

7. The product is cooled and put into the packaging box. It should not be stored in a dry and cool place for a long time.

8. It is strictly forbidden for infants and young children, people with thermal insensitivity or those who cannot take care of themselves. .

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