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Buy Electric Warm Treasure, Accept 3C Sign and Reliable Electric Hot Water Bag

Date of release:2019-01-11 Author: Click:

Buy electric heating treasure, recognize 3C sign and reliable air cooling, heating supplies began to sell. On November 11, the reporter learned during his visit that some of the electric and hot water bags popular with the public in the market are "three nothingness" products.

In the morning of the same day, a boutique store in Sigutai Commercial Street in the city was equipped with electric hot water bags of various cartoon shapes. The price ranged from 30 yuan to 50 yuan. From time to time, customers came to buy them. The reporter noticed that there was no safety certification mark on these electric hot water bags, but only the name of the manufacturer was printed on the packaging bags.

"This kind of cartoon-shaped electric hot water bag has been selling well, and many young people like it." According to the shop assistant, the electric hot water bag is easy to use and can be charged for about 10 minutes for one night.

Many people buy electric and hot water bags at Dashang Xinma Franchise Store. Consumer Ms. Wang expressed her concern: "Now the shape of electric hot water bags is becoming more and more fancy, the quality is guaranteed?"

"Electric hot water bag manufacturing process is simple, some of the"three nothingness"products will take advantage of the void. Relevant staff members of the Municipal Industrial and commercial department said that consumers should pay attention to check whether there are 3C marks on the packaging, the name of the manufacturer, the product inspection certificate and the code number of the implementation standard when purchasing electric hot water bags.

"There are hidden dangers in using unqualified electric hot water bags." Li Yunchang, a maintenance worker of household appliances, said that electric hot water bags have thermostats. Normally, when the temperature reaches a set value, the power will automatically be cut off. Once the thermostat is short-circuited, it may cause an explosion.

"When charging the electric hot water bag, we must pay attention to the observation of the indicator lamp. If the charging time exceeds the prescribed time and the indicator lamp is still not extinguished, the power plug should be unplugged and the professional personnel should be invited to repair it.

Electric hot water bag

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