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What should we pay attention to when buying electric heating treasure?

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Cautions for purchasing electric heating treasure

1. It depends on the bonding strength between the water outlet of the hot water bag and the rubber of the bag. The bonding area can be turned out by hand. There should be no cracks or degumming in the bonding area.

2. See if the screw of the hot water pouch irrigation mouth has sliding teeth. If there are slippery teeth, the hot water bag is easy to leak. When selecting, the hot water bag with smooth surface and clear thread should be selected.

3. It depends on the elasticity of the hot water bag. The elasticity of hot water bag is good, which means that the rubber content of hot water bag is relatively high, while the filler is relatively small. Hand touch hot water bag can be used when choosing and purchasing. The thicker the handle is, the better the elasticity of hot water bag can be restored as soon as the hot water bag is stretched and released.

4. It depends on whether the color of the hot water bag is bright or not. Brightly coloured hot water bags indicate that the raw materials used for making hot water bags are relatively pure and the production process is strictly controlled.

5. It depends on whether the hot water bag is polluted or not. Because of contact with human skin, there should be no color migration on the surface of hot water bag. Simple discriminant method: Use skimmed cotton to wipe the hot water bag lightly to see if the skimmed cotton is polluted by color, the lighter the pollution, the smaller the color migration.

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