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How to use the electric mosquito swatter? See how to use the electric mosquito swatter and the matters needing attention.

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Method of using electric mosquito swatter. Charging before killing mosquitoes: The electric mosquito racket is equipped with 4V rechargeable high-capacity lead-acid batteries. Each charge 8-15 hours, can be recharged 400 times, environmental protection and energy saving. When the switch is pulled out after charging, you can choose whether to kill mosquitoes under the lamp or not. If you press the switch, you can kill mosquitoes. When killing mosquitoes: For mosquitoes parked on the wall or mosquito nets, press the power switch, when the red light is on, face the mosquito with the thin net, and gently approach it. Mosquitoes are sucked between the two grids, and then they will be killed. When the thin net is down and the switch is loosened, the mosquitoes will fall down. For mosquitoes flying in the air, press the switch and the thin net will be aligned. It can be waved.

Fly control: Because of the high sensitivity of flies, certain skills should be mastered when using them. For the flies parked on the plane, hold the mosquito swatter in your hand and place the sparse net on the same plane 20-30 cm away from the flies. Press the switch, and when the red light is on, swing the flies quickly. The flies are sucked between the two grids and are electrocuted for 1-2 seconds. For the flies on the wall, hold the mosquito swatter in hand, face the flies with the sparse net, stick to the wall, place it 20-30 centimeters below or on the side of the fly, press the switch and swing quickly, the fly is absorbed between the two power grids, sustained electric shock for 1-2 seconds, and the fly is electrocuted.

For flies suspended on aerial ropes, hold mosquito-killing swatter in hand, face the flies at 20-30 centimeters with a thin net, press the switch, swing quickly, the flies are sucked between the two grids, sustained electric shocks for 1-2 seconds, and the flies are electrocuted. If the fly falls on the desktop, it can place the sparse-faced net downward between the two metal bars of the sparse-faced net, press the switch and move gently. The insect is sucked into the net, turn the handle, make the sparse-faced net upward, and pick up the insect. There is no need to pick it by hand.

Cautions for using electric mosquito swatter. When killing mosquitoes and flies, press the switch and wield the mosquito swatter. The mosquito swatter killed on the net surface, please shake the net off, do not wash with water, in order to prevent short circuit. In humid climate, mosquito rackets may absorb moisture without high or low pressure, and their killing effect will decrease. They should be dried by electric drier or sunshine in time, so that the effect of mosquito rackets can be restored automatically.

Mosquitoes are probably the most annoying creatures. They itch very much after sucking blood, especially when they are disturbed to sleep in the middle of the night. Electric mosquito swatter can be said to be a lucky star. With a gentle sweep of mosquitoes, there is nowhere to escape, and you can sleep soundly and steadily. Ordinary mosquito rackets often need to be recharged very troublesome, when the time to use electric mosquito rackets in charging! Mini electric mosquito racket has a very long endurance, so long that you can forget that this electric mosquito racket is charged, ready to use, easy to solve problems!

 Ruthless! Sure! If you had picked up the electric mosquito racket at a critical moment and you had to press the switch button, the mosquito would have slipped aside and hid! Buffett electric mosquito racket has no switch button, because when you pick up the electric mosquito racket, it has already started to operate, ready to kill mosquitoes! Play its greatest role at critical moments. Large mesh, high voltage, one beat is in the middle. The electric mosquito racket recommended by Xiaobian breaks through the traditional mesh size and adds the area of the mosquito control mesh to make mosquito trapping more efficient. Safety net surface, insulation protection is not afraid of electric shock at all, double net insulation protection design, double ABS insulation protection layer, this summer, it no longer need to worry about

Pure physical mosquito killing racket, safe to use, no chemical pollution, green and healthy, comfortable life of the whole family. Three-layer safety grid, outer nickel-zinc iron network, inner aluminum network design, mosquitoes and flies easy access to the network, no leakage, and no rust in any environment, no deformation! The hollow design makes the racket more free of wind resistance when swinging. Intelligent core protection overcharge protection, LED attraction lighting. At night, it is more effective to attract words to catch mosquitoes and flies by themselves, which makes words have nowhere to escape in the dark. Selection of high-temperature new ABS materials, heat-resistant and safer, superior material selection, round and lustrous appearance, the beauty of the material will be vividly displayed.

Mobile lithium battery, with overload and short circuit protection function, double switch design, safe use. Put the switch on the on and press the circular button gently. If you don't let it go, you can eradicate the text. Very simple and convenient. It's easy to kill mosquitoes without much trouble.

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