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Working principle of electric mosquito racket

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Working principle:

The circuit of electric mosquito racket is mainly composed of three parts: high frequency oscillation circuit, triple voltage rectifier circuit and high voltage strike Network DW. When the power switch SB is pressed, the high frequency oscillator composed of transistor VT and transformer T works. The 3V DC current is transformed into 18 kHz high frequency alternating current, which is boosted to about 800V (estimated discharge distance) by T, then raised to about 2500V by three times voltage rectification of diode VD2-VD4 and capacitor C1-C3, and added to the metal net of mosquito racket. DW. When mosquitoes and flies touch the high-voltage power grid, the insects will cause short-circuit of the power grid, that is, they will be burned or stunned by current, arc, and killed.

In the circuit, the light emitting diode VD1 and current limiting resistor R1 constitute an indicator circuit, which is used to indicate the on-off state of the circuit and to display the power loss of the battery.

Transistor VT uses 2N5609 silicon NPN medium power triode, and can also be replaced by 8050, 9013 triode. VD1 uses a 3 mm red light emitting diode and VD2-VD4 uses a 1N4007 silicon rectifier diode.

The metal film resistors are used in R1~R3. C1-C3 all use high voltage capacitors (greater than 2 kv) and SB 6 mm *6 mm vertical micro-touch switches. G is made of two No. 5 dry batteries in series (with plastic battery shelves) with a voltage of 3V.

High frequency transformer T must be made by ourselves: EE19 ferrite core and matching plastic framework (six legs), L1 winding 22 turns with 0.22mm enameled wire, L2 winding 8 turns with the same number wire, L3 winding 2000 turns with 0.07mm enameled wire. Note the black dot line head in the drawing, winding head and tail in sequence, winding Rao 1 ~ 2 circles of high voltage insulation tape.

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