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Overview of electric mosquito racket

Date of release:2019-01-11 Author: Click:

Electric mosquito racket is a kind of small household appliances. The electronic high-voltage mosquito control hand racket is widely welcomed by people for its practical, convenient, effective mosquito control (flies or moths, etc.), no chemical pollution, safety and hygiene. It has gradually become an indispensable tool for insect control in summer and a best-selling small household appliances product in summer.

Electric mosquito racket mainly uses 4V rechargeable high-capacity lead-acid batteries or 2.4V Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries, as well as dry batteries. In the work, the high voltage electric current of 1850V DC (current less than 10mA, harmless to human and livestock) is generated between the two power grids by the boost circuit. The static electric field between the two power grids has strong adsorption force. When insects such as mosquitoes and flies are near the power grid, they can be sucked into the power grids, and the short circuit current generated will soon be electrocuted. The high voltage electricity produced by the electric mosquito racket can also release a certain amount of negative oxygen ions, which can not only sterilize, but also purify the air.

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