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Is the electric heating treasure in your hand safe? Identify electric heating treasures and stay away from potential dangers

Date of release:2019-01-11 Author: Click:

With the arrival of winter, the temperature drops, and all kinds of heating equipment have entered the hot season. Warm-hand treasure, because of its compactness and convenience, has become a standard accessory for many people, sitting and walking.

In the cold days, there are boyfriends holding boyfriends, girlfriends holding girlfriends, singles can only hold warm hand jewelry, let alone the wind outside the window.

But how much do you know about the potential dangers of hand warmers?

At present, the popular hand warmers on the market are mainly liquid storage soft bag electric warmers, which can be divided into two types, the electrode type and the electric heating wire type hand warmers.

Electrode type

Through two electrodes, the positive and negative electrodes are separated, and the liquid stored in them is directly heated by contact. Because water conducts electricity, there are many uncertain possibilities, such as leakage of liquid, it will leak electricity. And in the process of heating, if the temperature control fails, the heating temperature is too high, easy to expand too fast to cause the explosion of hand warmers, which is dangerous.

Although the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection has banned sales, it is still the most widely sold variety.

Electric wire type

The heating wire is wrapped with insulating material and heated. There is an insulator coil, which separates the heater from the liquid. Therefore, the water can not be charged in the heating process and is relatively safe.

After protection with insulating materials, the heating temperature of hand warmers will not be too high to cause low-temperature burns (referring to low base temperature, scalds caused by prolonged contact with low-temperature objects higher than body temperature).

Therefore, it is suggested to use electric wire hand warmers, while the electrode hand warmers are like time bombs, which may explode on some day.

How to Identify Electrode or Electric Hot Wire Warm Hand Treasure

You can gently squeeze the heater of the electric hot water bag with your hand. If two rigid cylinders are pinched, or if the fever is small, it is likely to be electrodes. Never buy anything like this. There are already many victims.

If a plastic coil device can be clearly felt, usually a larger plastic coil or U-shaped, circular arc pipe, it is a safer electric heating wire hand warmer. Although the heating rate is not necessarily fast, it is obviously better for safety.

Choose the formal channel to purchase

As a kind of instant heating small household appliances with high power, Warm Hand Bao should purchase regular commodities through regular channels.

Faced with all kinds of hand warmers on the market, we must polish our eyes and eliminate the "three nothingness" products when choosing.

In the use process, we should also strictly follow the instructions and write, and we can not ignore the safety issues.

Must see:

It is not allowed to use continuously for a long time to prevent low temperature scald; it is not allowed to soak, press, fall or scratch with sharp instruments; it is better not to use or use less for children, the elderly and the people with thermal insensitivity; it is better to pay attention to the service life of the electric heating treasure (preferably within three years of the production date); if the surface material has color migration phenomenon, do not use it; if the electric heating treasure is incorrect. Stop using immediately when expansion occurs; stop using immediately if leakage of inner liquid/breakage of bag surface is found.

Xiaobian reminds: don't let hand warming treasure become a habit, it is not suitable for long-term use, will inhibit the body's own temperature regulation function. In cold days, food and clothing are the first choice for warmth.

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